Now, I’m just one walker that’s stood way up and looked way down across plenty o’ sights in all their veiled and nakedest seasons. Sighting it, hearing it, seeing and feeling and breathing it in. Sucking down on it. Rubbing it all in the pores of my skin, and the wind between my eyes knocking honey in my comb.


Apr 20, 2012
@ 7:25 pm


Suppose Design Office - House in Takaya, Hiroshima 2011. In one of their latest completed homes, Suppose blurs the line between interior and exterior not with direct exposure to the elements, but rather by bringing the outside in. A long soil pathway with concrete stepping stones meanders through the home, connecting the front entry to the backyard. Unfinished plywood panels surround this central area, emphasizing the natural state of the materials. Living spaces are scattered throughout the volume in boxes that sit slightly higher then the soil, and feature operable walls that either close or open towards the internal yard. It will be interesting to see if plants/grass grow in over time (though it looks mostly sandy), creating an interior strip of nature around which all of the daily activities of the house occur.

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